Thrillers With Attitude Literary Smorgasbord: Peter Urpeth

Thrillers With Attitude Literary Smorgasbord: Peter Urpeth.

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On- Line Inclusivity 4th September 6.30 in Findhorn

Yesterday I attended the On-Line Journalism tutorial. I learned that there is a new fad sweeping the nation. It would appear that many of our fellow countrywomen and men have become weary of the mainstream news programmes and have begun to tell their own news – in their own communities.
It is predicted that the majority of people will turn to their community website for relevant and current topics, rather than the television. It is estimated that this change will occur in a relatively short space of time. The demographic shows that the poor and the uneducated will remain off-line and without any internet skills. The elderly and the disenfranchised will stubbornly refuse to involve themselves with this new fangled technology.
I look around my community and see the wealth of talent, wisdom, art, stories and insights. I know that if more people could feel comfortable with the on-line world then they would not feel excluded. I know they could embrace this technology – and for the good of the community.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how scared or unsure are you of Blogging, Vlogging, Tweeting and Facebooking? It’s ok to say 10, because you are not alone. If you know you have a voice, a talent, a wisdom to share but are unsure where to start or how to be present in this digital revolution, then these courses are for you.
I will be offering a series of two hour workshops for the scared, the uninitiated and even the technophobes.
The cost is £20. Please bring a laptop, a tablet or a notebook. tea and coffee will be provided. You can book by using the contact form below.

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Cherishing for Beginners, by Sarah Clancy


The talented Sarah Clancy

Originally posted on The Bogwan's Cannon:

Cherish the meek,
cherish the ranchers,
cherish the guards
cherish the virgins – then ride them and cherish their sisters,
cherish tax dodgers
and entrepreneurs
cherish the rewards
of intergenerational privilege
or if that’s too hard for beginners
then cherish the rose of Tralee,
cherish the goal and the point and the foul
cherish the priest’s dirty sheets
but not the women who wash them,
shh! don’t even mention them

or what they might need,

go on and worship the IFSC

and its brand of laundries
– those ones are fine,

they are grand sure:
Cherish Them.

Cherish the men
because they couldn’t help it
if the women and girls went and fell pregnant,
cherish the foetus, the heart beat,
but not the human it’s in
then cherish the graves
in their undisclosed wastelands
cherish the shovels
and boot soles that dug them-
let there be no doubt about it:

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THE JUMP Press Round Up, Part One

Originally posted on doug johnstone:

the jump front cover

OK folks, things are starting to happen, reviews and such like, so here’s a quick round up of stuff that’s appeared in print and online in the last wee while:

First up, Joanne over at The Portobello Book Blog gave the book a glowing review, saying: ‘I found this a real page turner and recommend it if you like a gripping thriller’. That’ll do!

Next, the good people at The Crime Warp loved the book as well, calling it ‘insightful and unsettling!’ Nice.

Keith Nixon at Crime Fiction Lover gave it another cracking review, coming up with this line, which I like a lot: ‘It’s like the author’s wrapped a brick in velvet and hit you over the head with it a couple of times. Smooth and blunt.’ Warning: The review contains a few spoilers.

I wrote a thing over at the Faber Academy about Why I Write. In summary, because I’m…

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Super Colonised Irish Syndrome

Originally posted on An Sionnach Fionn:

Ta An Reabhloid Ag Teacht Tá An Réabhlóid Ag Teacht!

In today’s Irish Times newspaper Seaghán Mac an tSionnaigh reviews the latest in a wave of books from a new generation of writers and historians challenging the inferior position of Ireland’s indigenous language, and the conventional narratives which have shaped our understanding of the suppression – and extermination – of those who speak it:

“In The Broken Harp, Identity and Language in Modern Ireland, biologist and author Tomás Mac Síomóin presents the decline of the Irish language as one of the most insidious outcomes of the multi-faceted colonisation of the Irish people from the 16th century through to the present day.

Rather than appealing to the Romantic rhetoric of the failed Gaelic revival period, or to the naive optimism of modern-day “official Gaeldom”, Mac Síomóin presents a convincing case relying on consistent reference to the fates of other postcolonial nations, to modern postcolonial theory from intellectuals such as Albert Memmi, Frantz…

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Originally posted on The Plot:

I love this poem, inspired by a Facebook thread yesterday. If you haven’t been following Cat Conway’s new project Thank You for Swallowing, you really should be. It’s funny, witty, gritty, emotional, and has just the right amount of snark to make you smirk.

And this week, a bonus! Click below the text to hear Allie read her poem!!!

Thank You for Eating My Pussy, After Reading Susan Yount’s You’re Welcome! I Love Swallowing Your Cum! After Reading Bobby Parker’s Thank You For Swallowing My Cum

I tell raccoons on the street, “Hey little bandits, he ate my pussy!” I told the shy feral cats at the end of the block, “Do not be afraid, for he ate my pussy, but it’s totally different, just slang, he’s not going to eat YOU!” I even told my dad but he hit his funnybone on the La-Z-Boy, & then told me…

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