Your Writerly Voice

Are you ready to begin? Did you look at all the notebooks and pens and just decide? Is there a story swilling around inside you? Is someone forever telling you you should write? Do you just feel called or compelled to put one word after another and wish they made more sense?

I am ready to pass on my years of study and training. I have been privileged for over ten years with the finest tutors and support Scotland has had to offer. I learned well. I also teach well.

This creative writing course will look at two areas of writerly type stuff. Your voice and your on line presence. Both are necessary. Each needs to be clear and accessible. Whether you have talent to burn or agents, publishers and several books to your name, you need the cyber world to engage with you and ultimately find your audience. If you cannot manage the idea of putting yourself on line, either this course is not for you, or, you need an on line persona.

Your writerly voice is tucked away, resting deep down between the hemispheres of your brain. It breathes into your heart centre, whispering with all your stories, feelings and experiences.

Reaching out to it, finding it, then holding and developing your writerly voice takes skill, practice and patience. There are tools and techniques which help.

I have developed a series of meditations combined with free-writing exercises to facilitate the emerging writer’s journey. This is a 6 week course for adults. We will meet once a week in Findhorn village for 2 hours. We will also meet on-line for an hour each week. A component of this course is to build your writer’s identity across the social media platforms. It is necessary in today’s publishing world that you promote yourself and your writing with blogs and articles. You will learn to build literary networks. Visiting tutors will provide additional self publishing advice and insights.

The cost for this is £150 per person, and that is dependent on 10 people attending. If this feels like something you wish to undertake, please get in touch via the form or indeed any other social media platform. I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Greatest Book, Ever

Many many many millions of thanks to everyone who has supported me in this new venture, so far. You have all been wonderful in trying the sample products, filling in the feedback forms and even purchasing the facelift serum. Many of you have messaged me, or even come to the house to ask me about Saoirse Cometics and Aromantic and the relationship between the two. I need to answer a few questions and correct a few misconceptions.

I am not employed by Aromantic.

Saoirse Cosmetics is my very own brand. Rise N’ Shine is my product, made from my recipe.

Saoirse Cosmetics

Aromantic is a company based in Forres, Moray, Scotland. It is a distribution centre of oils, essences, gels, waxes, salts and suchlike. It is a bunch of people packaging Siberian Ginseng from large containers into small containers to fulfil orders. 

I purchase many of my ingredients for the Rise N’ Shine facelift serum from Aromantic on line ordering system. They deliver. Here’s a link to their website. 

They do gift packs too. My first order from Aromantic was an excruciating twenty four hour wait. I was excited. It had taken my daughter and I a whole week to fill in the order form, double check the ingredients we needed, research the different types of jars and bottles, find the money to pay for it and then hit the submit order button. My first box of goodies from Aromantic represented pure selfish, self centred indulgence of the ego. I knew I could treat my friends. I felt I could create beauty. My altruism said I could help the planet. My creative heart desired to drop the essences of nature into each other to make gold.

Aromantic is the brain child of my wonderful foreign gentleman friend KB. Aromantic offer courses for anyone interested in natural cosmetics and toiletries, perfumes and skin treatments. They have an extensive library of publications for the professional potion mixer. And they are very friendly.

I waited a whole day for my order. I paced and fumed. Of course I didn’t order everything I needed first time. I had to go back and re-order before I could even begin to prepare for the magic mixing time. Aromantic said they would process my added items and I could collect it an an hour. And they did. And I did.

It’s an addictive passion. It needs ceremony and grace. It needs space and light and magic. There’s a science of healing in it, but it needs the love of creating too. I knew I could create beauty. I knew I had seen a way to make people feel better in their skin. I knew that whatever I produced would be less harmful to the planet than either Clarins or Clinique.

I knew all this because I have been the checker of the foreign gentleman’s spelling in his next book. KB is going to write down all of his knowledge, literally, empty his head of fifty years cosmetics training around the world and condense that learning into easy-to-read DIY cosmetics books.

I know all this because I was once a Staff Nurse and I liked and learned the science of health, the human body and how we heal.

I know all this because I know about plants and their healing properties.

KB wants to call his book The Dry Skin Book. We all have dry skin, if we have lived on this planet for twenty years or more, we have dry skin from weather and ions and pollution and free radicals. I want to call his book The Greatest Book Ever but he says his ego cannot allow that. So, we have to reach a compromise somehow.

I reckon I can get a free copy of that book, whatever it’s going to be called, to the person who can come up with an appropriate title.

I hope this clears up some of the questions you have been asking and once again, thank you so so much for all your support.

Yes, I have Rise N’ Shine facelift serums still for sale, from home, should you wish to treat a loved one!

Or, you could order the raw materials from Aromantic and make your own!

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The Word in Flames – Essays on Literature & Revolt – New E-book from Dave Lordan + book trailer

Paypal address: Suggested Donation 10 euro. My e-book of essays on art, literature, social change & multimedia creation THE WORD IN FLAMES is ready to go. The suggested don…

Source: The Word in Flames – Essays on Literature & Revolt – New E-book from Dave Lordan + book trailer

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Dearest Daughter,

Now you just listen to me. I am your mother and I am telling you there is no need to cry. I have dried your tears for seventeen years and I’m not about to stop now. Yes, I know you saw me sha…

Source: Dearest Daughter,

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What is Social Media? What is #NoDAPL ?

What is Social Media?

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Google hangouts, LinkedIn, You Tube, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Goodreads, Vine etcetera etcetera.

It’s a generic term for the staging areas where we gather to share music, news, gossip and madnesses.

The dreaded Facebook is up first. Farce book. Face ache. It’s very annoying but really useful.

What do we do on Facebook?

We make friends around the world. We look at their photos. We like their photos or their status updates. We click the like button, the heart button or the angry button. These are found by hovering over the comments box at the bottom of each post.

We post photos, news, insights, book or music reviews.

We join clubs and groups. I belong to several gardening groups and groups about snowdrops.

We like and share, like and share. I like and share photos of snowdrops. I comment on various types of snowdrop. I like the people who collect different types of snowdrop bulb from all over the world. They’re interesting. To me, they are interesting, you might find this intensely boring, but I happen to like gardening. Sometimes, in January I like to sit down at the kitchen table with a cuppa and my snowdrop group and chat to them about their flowers. Yes, I could go to the pub or church or book group, but I like different types of conversations.

I like religion and spirituality in all forms. it interests me. Have you tried to have an open debate lately about religion, with anyone you actually know?

I joined the Bah’ai’s, the shamans, the muslims, the sunni’s, the buddhists and of course the atheists, for balance. I talk to them all the time. I learn from them all the time.

I joined yoga groups on Facebook. I don’t do yoga, except on Facebook. If I see a pretty picture with a description of how a certain exercise is done, I try it, for a moment.

I follow topics, people, activities, groups just for a moment and then I unfollow them again. I have no loyalty to the snowdrop bulb collectors. I come into their group and go again, as I please. It suits me.

I joined local history groups in many different locations. Also the free ads, the recycling, the local news sites and book review groups.

I can spend a week on line, chatting, learning, broadening my knowledge of the world and pretending to practice yoga. It’s great.

Twitter is for the sharper mind. It’s for the quick-quip flash of insight, make you sit up and think types. I’m not great at Twitter, but I know how it works.

The same principle of liking and sharing but with different buttons and a different platform. That means, different set of rules, a different staging area. A completely different arena.

First of all, your name does not have to e your name. In fact, your name should be something funny or thought provoking or related to your business. Even better, your name should be something really quite clever.

Mine is @orlabroderick. Not very original, but effective.

I gather writers, political activists and empaths from all over the world. I am slowly gathering a collection of folk I genuinely admire and have mainly never met.

There are rules. You are only allowed to write 140 characters. About 3 sentences. You have to get your point across to your twitter world, in just a few words. It’s a challenge but a fun game. You have to make your brain work.

How I use Twitter. Like millions of others, I have stopped buying a Sunday, or any day, newspaper. I feel that the journalism is often poor, lacking in balance and biased. I want more, basically. I want more insight, more voice, more grass roots honesty than a bunch of clever people chatting about an abstract. I read blogs.

I look down my feed for news and interesting things. People have their own blog or websites and they write what they know. I follow folk who are passionate about nature, the natural world and kindness. When they tweet, with a link and a description of that link and it sounds ok, I click on that link. Generally, it’s an article either written by themselves or someone they know. or a topic of common interest. Something they think is news worthy and worth a discussion.

Blog: an article about something. A column. An insight.

I like the ones that remind me of old fashioned insightful journalism before everyone was so worried about being politically correct.

I read blogs. from all over the world. About everything. Instead of newspapers. I write blogs. people read my blogs, they share my blogs, they re-tweet my blogs.

I read blogs from the Pirate Party in Iceland. from the women in war zones, from the Native Americans in Dakota, from the volunteers in Calais, from those stuck in Aleppo. I have actually been following the same Calais volunteers, across the social media platforms, for well over a year. That is a privilege. I have been friends with the leader of the Pirate Party, on Facebook, Twitter etc – for over 5 years!

Here’s the very best example I can give you of exactly why the internet, and social media, in particular needs you lot.

I befriended some native Native Americans about a year ago. I had read an article – BLOG – about their lack of water and the way the federal government of America was treating them. I have read their accounts of the myriad ways in which they have suffered at the hands of the powers that be in America. Google #NoDAPL and start reading. Search the internet for Standing Rock, North Dakota. Research this one topic and understand that our media allows us a fraction of current world news.

I also befriended the likes of Jim Hunter and Lesley Riddoch here in Scotland. I got clued up on land reform here in Scotland quite a few years ago. I read the blogs about the land grabs across Scotland. I read the stories of those here who cannot fish their rivers, farm their land, build or buy homes. I am up to date about Scotland’s battles over the places where oil is found and who wants to own it.

I began likening our land struggle to the plight of the Natives in America. In an age where we can print solar panels from 3D printers, why are we even considering laying oil pipelines?

Over in Dakota, the grandmothers’ opinions, insights and stories are being videos and uploaded to you tube and Facebook. Where are our Grandmothers in Scotland? Why are you all so silent? We also need to hear from you. Your voices are missing. Have you heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline and why millions of people from all over the world are taking to social media to support its demise?

Social media in Scotland, especially the Highlands, lacks a generational history of our culture.

There are free courses in UHI and many council offices, education centres and the like all over the country. People like me will teach you, in private.

The time has come for the older, educated woman of Scotland to make her voice heard on line.

If you think I can help you, contact me. I charge £15 per hour and I estimate it takes 8-10 hours to get you Facebooking and Tweeting your blogs with ease.

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Declaration on Lakota Nationhood and the Dakota Access Pipeline Conflict to the United Nations and the International Community

Declaration on Lakota Nationhood and the Dakota Access Pipeline Conflict to the United Nations and the International Community November 1, 2016   |   Original: English  To Officers of the United Na…

Source: Declaration on Lakota Nationhood and the Dakota Access Pipeline Conflict to the United Nations and the International Community

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