Social media workshop

I found the loveliest venue. Findhorn House is situated in the heart of the village, just before Piers Cafe. It’s an old place with oil paintings and views out over the bay. It’s an inspiring venue and perfect for this mission.
Our mission is to prepare ourselves as authors and storytellers for the cyber-world. We are going to connect with other authors via social media. We are going to build our on-line personas and find our readers. We are going to show the world who we are and what we can do. It’s not difficult.

The time has changed slightly to 1pm on Monday 4th May.

Fresh from the Alliance of Independent Authors conference at the London Book Fair Fringe and I would love to pass on all I have learned to anyone not already in the know.

Would you like to set up a Twitter account? Know how to use it? Would you like to set up your own blog site and learn how to attract traffic? It’s all in the name of self promotion, and although it may feel a little like some sort of awful prostitution, it is in fact now necessary for the vast majority of authors, poets and storytellers of all kinds to take charge of at least some of their promotional activity. We need readers to find us – therefore we need to engage with them somehow.

I can help. The first group are due to meet on 4th May at 1pm in Findhorn village. This session will run for 2 hours and cost 25 quid each. All levels welcome. Please contact me via this website. I look forward to seeing you and helping others discover your work.

I will be reading at The Nairn Bookshop on 29th April. 6.30. refreshments available. All welcome.


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