Buddhism anyone?

Two weeks ago Tony said his friend the nun was coming to stay, to do a retreat. We were chatting over lunch in the shed at Roseisle Farm. There’s no reason why I would find this interesting. I’m not usually interested in conversations about nuns. But I did. I asked him about his friend, and what it was about, this ultimate healing thing. He told me very briefly. I asked him how I could possibly go on that course. He said he’d speak to Margo. Margo said yes. Stephanie said she’s mind my daughter. It was all planned. I was going on a weekend retreat with Buddhists.

The venerable Angie Muir is from Stirling. She’s a Tibetan nun, with shaved head and robes. She’s tiny. She lives in a Buddhist theme park and travels the world teaching Buddhism. She came to Findhorn last week to offer a healing retreat in dedication the the medicine Buddha.

I may have seen a Tibetan text before. I have a vague recollection of something. I have been in a few temples. I do like incense. The music is gorgeous. I own a meditation cushion and like to meditate, but have never participated in a group meditation, especially not with a bunch of Buddhists. I had no previous inclination that I would, ever in my life, find myself in exactly this predicament. i tried to talk myself out of it several times but it didn’t work. I was definitely going to go.

I didn’t know about the bowing. That was the first surprise.

Venerable Angie Muir is extraordinarily patient. She explains, over and over again. She explains everything. I  had no knowing that there was an entire religion based on doing the kindest thing. I understood buddhism to be the knowledge I have always held, revealed.

May all sentient beings have happiness and the root of happiness.

I taught this to my daughter as her first prayer, albeit in different words.

The venerable Angie Muir taught how to clear the subtle winds of the body, with gentle nose-blowing exercises. She taught how to make the mind like the sky, thoughts like clouds. she taught how to make the sky bigger, deeper, wider. She showed how to decorate the inside of your head with rainbows and invite in the love and compassion and healing of a Buddha.

She taught why kindness to all sentient beings must be taught to all sentient beings and then she healed the hearts of everyone in that room.

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