Sarah Snowdrop, my daughter.

She’s having more bother here at her new school in Kinloss. The problem this time is her reading. She’s so bright, she’s so so bright and she’s already reading, digesting and understanding adult literary prize winning contemporary women’s fiction and loving it. She can’t stand “bloody Michael Morpurgo” and refuses to study it as a set text on the grounds that it is boring, the story isn’t believable and the characters are difficult to relate to. The school cannot accommodate her needs – again and again and again. Oh I’ve been through this so many times with her. She’s already had six schools. That’s just unacceptable.
So, I’ve made steps to remove her from main stream education altogether. I have a new job which will cover some of the fees and I am setting myself up as a marketing consultant and am currently teaching on line awareness classes to artists, poets and novelists. I’m also volunteering on a local organic farm in order to get fresh veg in order to cut back on food costs! Phew!
I don’t know what you know about Waldorf Steiner education, but I’ve had an eye on it for years and I like the notion of encouraging young people to learn at their own pace. The Moray Steiner school is 3 miles away from us. They even have an Upper School and take kids up to 18.

Here’s the link —

I really hope this works. She is so disillusioned with school. I watch her disappear into herself. I remember myself at the same age and naturally want for her what I did not have. As we all do.
I set up a crowd funding campaign to help with the costs. I’m estimating the costs over the next 2 years and I need to top up what I earn. To everyone who donates I pledge to thank individually, somehow.  Please share this campaign, talk about it, even donate to it if you can, please. Thank you very much.

Here’s the link – and thank you


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