Branding and Blogging your book #2

Blogging is the telling of the story behind the book or artwork. It’s the back story. It’s the stuff that makes the artist tick and the reason we connect with them. Blogging is not just self-promotion. Blogging is a reaching-out to that unknowable cyber community to say hi, how are you? Blogging can be a hug, and we can all use a daily hug.
Blogging could be your diary or your dreams. It could be your reality or your fantasy. It doesn’t matter. It’s a tool to help you engage with your audience.
Often, your readers will read your blog, just to connect with you. They may like the way you write, or your humour. They may even think you are clever and wise. Whatever their motivation, there may be others in the world who also value your own unique insights. When it comes to sales, this is invaluable. It means you have an audience.
If you are an artist, author, poet and you are not regularly blogging, then you need to be. You need to just do it. Think of a thing and write it.

Still a bit stuck? OK, let’s do another workshop. Women and men welcome. Bring your laptops, pens and paper and we’ll set up a WordPress account, figure out the widgets and buttons.

The cost for this is £30 per person. There will be refreshments.
Date (tbc) is 9th July in The Moray Art Centre at 2pm until 4pm in Findhorn. Please use the contact form to book.

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