Workshops – 2 places free of charge

Please bring your laptop or similar. We are going to set up a WordPress site. You are going to learn all the widgets, gadgets, tools and ultimately how to publish your information on line. You will then learn how to share your information with other bloggers and social media users. You will be setting up networks, in order to be discoverable on line.
This is free advertising. This is how you take charge of your business. This is one way to tell people who you are, what you do and how to buy your book/ artwork/ service.
You are then invited to link with me, and the other people in your group, so that we can all support each other by sharing each others blog content, if it seems appropriate.
I will continue to coach you through the teething issues.
This is empowering. It gives you a platform for your talents and places you in control of your business. it’s fun, once you get the hang of it and it gives you a real sense of achievement.
You can build a selling page. You can earn money. You may even be inspired.

Yesterday I taught my first workshop for Women@Work. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It seems that after a lifetime learning, listening, I developed a skill. I like to teach. I like to pass on the stuff I learned. HI-Arts and Emergents coached me for years and years. I signed up for every course they ran, absorbed everything I could.
My learning was funded, for the most part and that was a gift, a luxury everyone really should be able to enjoy. I wish I could be funded to tutor classes. That may come.

My next workshop will be in the Moray Arts Centre. There are 12 available places. I am offering 2 discretionary free places on this course. If you feel you need to know how to set up a blog site, and then blog, but simply cannot afford to attend, please get in touch and I will choose two people to attend this, free of charge.

That’s The Moray Arts Centre, Findhorn on 9th July at 2pm – 4pm. If you have an artwork, poetry collection, book or something else and you now want an audience and on line discoverability, then come along. There will be tea and coffee, maybe some homemade Irish soda bread, even biscuits!

Any questions, please feel free to email me via the contact form below. I look forward to meeting you. Don’t forget your laptop!

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1 Response to Workshops – 2 places free of charge

  1. Mandy Wilkinson says:

    Hi Orla I’d really like to do a workshop to set up a blog, but can’t make the 9th. So hope you’ll do more. TTTF(or the Bogton garden) put on a range of day-time workshops, they might employ you to do one – I believe they have funds. Thanks a lot for yesterday, found it very stimulating Mx >

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