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I remember the dappled shade under the wild fig tree. ¬†A woven¬†hammock is rigged so the hot summer afternoon can be spent in soporific meditation with a dapper pillow propping the hollow of my neck. The…

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Belly round, baby kicking, breasts bursting we visited the hospital on the mainland. Heavy body shuffling round the maternity ward. Options were non existent. No choice, no say.First babies were born in the only hospital with the facilities. Twelve years … Continue reading


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Originally posted on swallowthefrog:
She went down to the beach today. The tide flowed out to lay bare the North Sea floor and higher up on the firm wet sand, lay the tumbled gems she came to find. From afar,…

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Thrillers With Attitude Literary Smorgasbord: Chapter One

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For the past six weeks I have been interviewing a variety of flavoursome writers for my Literary Smorgasbord. The Smorgasbord began as a vague idea one Friday evening. By the following Thursday the first…

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DrumTrek Day 3

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I waved goodbye to my hosts and set off for a stunning morning drive across The Isle of Skye. Further beauty was encountered across the Highlands as I wove my way towards Edinburgh. I set off…

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I found my rhythm. I let go and just beat that drum. Drum Trek

We went to a drumming circle because an old friend told us we should. I did not know how to drum. I was really quite nervous. There were children and old folks, all ages in between. All levels of expertise, … Continue reading

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