Cherishing for Beginners, by Sarah Clancy

The talented Sarah Clancy

The Bogman’s Cannon

Cherish the meek,
cherish the ranchers,
cherish the guards
cherish the virgins – then ride them and cherish their sisters,
cherish tax dodgers
and entrepreneurs
cherish the rewards
of intergenerational privilege
or if that’s too hard for beginners
then cherish the rose of Tralee,
cherish the goal and the point and the foul
cherish the priest’s dirty sheets
but not the women who wash them,
shh! don’t even mention them

or what they might need,

go on and worship the IFSC

and its brand of laundries
– those ones are fine,

they are grand sure:
Cherish Them.

Cherish the men
because they couldn’t help it
if the women and girls went and fell pregnant,
cherish the foetus, the heart beat,
but not the human it’s in
then cherish the graves
in their undisclosed wastelands
cherish the shovels
and boot soles that dug them-
let there be no doubt about it:

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