On-Line Inclusivity For All

Many many many apologies folks. There’s no explanation or reason why a fine lump of an Irish woman like myself would be struck down by a sudden pneumonia, but that’s what happened. One moment I had a bit of hay fever and the next thing I knew I was fighting for breath in the Emergency Room at Dr. Gray’s. I don’t recommend catching bronchial pneumonia, it’s a dreadful lurgy that leaves you wiped out. I’ve had the entire gamut of medication and yet even now I can barely climb the stairs. Needless to say I haven’t smoked since. My lungs love me again.
Last time you heard from me I had been impressed by the team of folk trying to drag those allergic to computers into the light. Since then I have been tutoring at home. I’ve been working with the creative types mainly, you know, the quiet shy poets who believe in their hearts that the digital age could, and should, just go and shuffle off elsewhere. I’ve been helping the creatives find the niche that suits them best within the entire range of digital platforms.
You each have a talent, a gorgeous unique voice to be shared with the world. There is a social media site to suit you. Whether you need to be networking, selling, offering wisdoms, bringing balance to an otherwise hostile world or just want to have fun with the grandchildren, then I can, and will, help.
I can come to your home, or you can come to mine. We will sit down together, just the two of us and figure out what it is exactly you need, either to sell books or art or just bring a bit of joy, and then I will teach you how to do it, and, more importantly, how to keep doing it.
There’s a menu of cyber goodies to choose from. You may like one or four or all of the below. I am that one stop shop for all the services listed below – and even some more you probably never heard of. Do you yearn to be good at any of the following….
Facebook.. WordPress…. Pinterest …. Soundcloud….
Twitter… …You Tube …. TumblR……Vine…… Goodreads
LinkedIn…Amazon for Authors …. Ibooks for authors …

I have been tutoring small businesses, groups, individuals and all with very varied abilities. I have also been marketing a certain poet with a new collection. If you are in need of a promotional boost for your talent, product, business or wisdom then email me using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. mandy wilkinson says:

    sorry to hear you’ve been so ill, take it eeeeeasy. Reflexology can be very helpful to boost your immune system and get you back to full health. Give me a call if I can help, happy to do exchanges. Mandy

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