Spoken Word

Many moons ago in a different life I sat and recorded my own voice and my own words. It wasn’t ego, it wasn’t for fun. It was an experiment for that first book I wrote. My editor edited out a chapter and this upset me so I wanted to preserve it somehow. The chapter was the catalyst for that first novel. It was the element of truth, or as near to it as we will ever touch now. It was the first thing i ever wrote that anyone ever took an interest in. It was the piece I submitted to Scottish Book Trust for the New Writer’s Award. For anyone who may be remotely interested, the link is below…

The Lost Chapter by Orla Broderick

If you happen to have a copy of The January Flower, turn to page 5 to find a QR code, scan the code with your smart technology and this same chapter will begin playing.

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1 Response to Spoken Word

  1. taydorann says:

    Thanks Orla for your amazing tutorial. I feel as if I have discovered the possibility of something major in my life. If I get stuck, I’ll let you know!! Doreen

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