When “nothing” gets done….


There are times when I feel that I get nothing done at all. To clarify that, when I say “nothing” I mean writing. This week has been one of good writing intentions. I’ve done a lot of thinking, but no writing. Yet there is plenty to write about this week. For example, I’ve spent a day with an ill child whose mother had to go to work. That same day, I made two different kinds of soup and a brocolli and cheese quiche. The said child was cossetted and entertained and…fed. He likes his grub, no matter what ailment has assailed him. Later on that evening, I showered and put to bed another child because his mother is ill. This I did the next evening too. I am not a saint – I am a grandmother, and my children and grandchildren live nearby. Add to this home-made banana and cinnamon…

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