Your Writerly Voice

Are you ready to begin? Did you look at all the notebooks and pens and just decide? Is there a story swilling around inside you? Is someone forever telling you you should write? Do you just feel called or compelled to put one word after another and wish they made more sense?

I am ready to pass on my years of study and training. I have been privileged for over ten years with the finest tutors and support Scotland has had to offer. I learned well. I also teach well.

This creative writing course will look at two areas of writerly type stuff. Your voice and your on line presence. Both are necessary. Each needs to be clear and accessible. Whether you have talent to burn or agents, publishers and several books to your name, you need the cyber world to engage with you and ultimately find your audience. If you cannot manage the idea of putting yourself on line, either this course is not for you, or, you need an on line persona.

Your writerly voice is tucked away, resting deep down between the hemispheres of your brain. It breathes into your heart centre, whispering with all your stories, feelings and experiences.

Reaching out to it, finding it, then holding and developing your writerly voice takes skill, practice and patience. There are tools and techniques which help.

I have developed a series of meditations combined with free-writing exercises to facilitate the emerging writer’s journey. This is a 6 week course for adults. We will meet once a week in Findhorn village for 2 hours. We will also meet on-line for an hour each week. A component of this course is to build your writer’s identity across the social media platforms. It is necessary in today’s publishing world that you promote yourself and your writing with blogs and articles. You will learn to build literary networks. Visiting tutors will provide additional self publishing advice and insights.

The cost for this is £150 per person, and that is dependent on 10 people attending. If this feels like something you wish to undertake, please get in touch via the form or indeed any other social media platform. I look forward to hearing from you.

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