Find Your Inner Writer, Findhorn

Following on from the success of the WEA W@W sponsored workshops, I am delighted to offer a series of creative writing workshops in Findhorn. You can dip in and out, there’s no need to sign up to every class. You don’t need any experience. You just need to be able to listen to your breath, still your mind and learn how to discover your inner writerly voice.
This course is based on a meditation. It involves sitting still and breathing. With focused guidance you will learn to write freely from your heart and soul and then how to glean the delicious nuggets of your subconscious unconscious to shape stories. You will study various strong women’s voices and writing styles and learn how to play with words. You will pick up different writerly voices and try each one on, like a hat, to see how it fits.
This is fun. It’s hard work. It’s a challenge. But it might just change your life!
We will be based in Findhorn, Moray. We will meet once a fortnight on either a Friday or a Saturday morning for three hours. We will support each other via social media.
I need ten people in order to keep costs to a minimum.


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