Find Your Inner Writer, Findhorn

Mindfulness and meditation are now widely recognised as therapeutic exercises for enhancing our life experiences. Basic meditations play a crucial role in developing consciousness and boosting creativity. In order to expand our understanding and capabilities we must wake up more of our brains, train our minds to do a little more and a little more each week.

David Lynch, the film maker, attributes his success to a thirty year practice of transcendental meditation. He believes that his creative process is directly linked to his ability to pull ideas from his unconscious mind.
We know that creativity reduces stress and empowers us. We know that making something makes us feel positive.
This creative writing course is based on mindfulness and meditation. It is a taught process of relaxing the brain, breathing slowly into each hemisphere of the brain with a visualisation, in order to focus and balance the left brain and the right brain. This exercise was researched in the literary department of Trinity College Dublin in the 1980’s. It is also used in Buddhist meditations.
Students are guided through a visualisation in a meditative state and then allowed to write freely for twenty minutes. They write anything that comes through their minds, pens must not leave the paper. In this exercise they will discover thoughts and ideas they were not previously aware of. With regular practice they will find their own unique writer’s voice and stories they did not know they had.

You don’t ned any experience of meditation. You don’t need any experience in creative writing. All you need is pen and paper and a willingness to try. It’s fun, safe, nurturing, hard work and you will amaze yourself.
Concessions available. Come for one day or sign up for all 8 workshops, the choice is yours. £30 per workshop including on line tech support 0r £220 for all 8, all inclusive.

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1 Response to Find Your Inner Writer, Findhorn

  1. Dee Ryan Glass says:

    I fully and whole heartedly recommend this creative writing class with Orla. It’s seriously a not-to-be missed opportunity. It was a pure delight to plug into that part of me that part of me that knows I can Write. The opportunity for Participants to share their work out loud is empowering and truly inspiring. Many thanks Orla for providing this work shop D. Ryan-Glass

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