Sweaty Palms

Folk think I’m being funny, trying to make them laugh when I say I have prescription anti-perspirant. It’s true folks. I get so nervous I have extreme perspiration. The chemically loaded gak needs to be spread all over my body the night prior to any occasion where I might have to stand up and speak. It needs to be washed off twice.
I also take shed loads of prozac.
And I have to do meditations with visualisations where I tell myself ‘I am enough’.
Working for the WEA Woman@Work project has helped me enormously. I’m not half as bad as I used to be. Three years ago I had a stutter whenever I tried to speak up, but, because we have been teaching confidence building courses, some of it rubbed off on me. Mixing with other women who know how a lack of self worth can affect you has been marvellous. Being able and allowed to discuss how puke makingly nauseous talking in public can be is just the epitome of cathartic.
Tomorrow i am actually doing what I should be doing, for myself. One of the things I do best is teach creative writing techniques, but, for so many years I have been terrified of stepping into that role. I don’t know if lack of parental support throughout my life is the reason, or whether it’s some sort of cultural anomaly, but the fact remains, I am one very sweaty nervous betty with drippy hands, beaded upper lip and horrific damp patches.
I’m laying off the alcohol tonight. I have a light meal organised and my bag of books is all ready for tomorrow. I will do my Super Woman pose before folk arrive and I will teach with my heart pointed to the heavens. I will remember to breathe.
It’s only thanks to Lorraine Thomson and the team at Women@Work that I can even contemplate doing this.
I’ll let ye know how it goes and whether I ever want to do it again…..!

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1 Response to Sweaty Palms

  1. moragpatriciapaterson says:

    Loving your authentic telling-it-as-it-is … sorry not to be with you on the course today πŸ™‚ talking of sweat … as a teenager, I sweated profusely profusely profusely … it was a time of tight long-sleeved (wide wide at the wrist – forgotten the name for that) t-shirts and loons (yes, I am that old …). Back in the day, I too had a super-strong antiperspirant on prescription, plus pads sewn into the arm-pits of the – dark coloured – t-shirts to soak it all up (so the dampness and thence darkness didn’t permeate to my waist, across my front and down my arms). It was also a time when I ironed my hair – so being up and about was pretty time and emotion-consuming: that’s another story ….

    Now nearly 60 (next week), and happily over the years this propensity-to-sweat has diminished over time, and now looking back and considering …. it’s as I have learnt to grow-up, wake-up, clear-up and show-up as me that it has all diminished and I now notice is not part of my current daily routine or even awareness. How magic is this – and holds lots of possibilities for you, Olga πŸ™‚ How cool πŸ™‚

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