Guest post by Nib


by Nib, October 2017

(As it should be spelled. The extra expense of the apostrophe in printing precludes I’ll wager)

Hallow, rather a fine word, the loud cry or shout to incite hounds in the chase? The part of the hare given to the hounds after the chase to reward and encourage? Indeed this is so. Also, to make holy, consecrate, to sanctify or purify. Somewhat removed then from the beyond ghastly, polluting, plastic plethora of ugly Chinese imports to demystify and pervert the evening before All Hallows’ Day, or in other words, All Saints’ Day.

In the past, this was the day given aside to give thanks for the lives of the saints and their good works, the miracles they performed and the succour they brought to believers. Religious hocus-pocus aside, what a massive perversion, another filthy American retail import, of the day historically at the family level, given aside to the memory of all souls who have preceded us and the contribution, good or ill, to the world in which we now live.

Instead, we have another event to add to environmental and animal butchery that the bastardisation and perversion that great festivals have now become.

Easter-eat chocolate, paint eggs, huge rabbits wrapped in foil, extra lamb, “Happy Easter” to celebrate the cruel murder of an albeit, figure of myth. Anyway, rising on the third day has been moved from what was once the celebration of Winter Solstice but Christians saw a truly fabulous marketing opportunity.

Christmas. Jeez, where to start? Best left for another day perhaps.

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