Guest Post – John Hyslop#Findhorn

Whale Message This Morning

humpback whale

by John Hyslop, October 2017 #Findhorn

She bellowed ,deep deep down in the ocean , this was not a call looking for her fellow pack of family .

This was a warning bellow this was to warn them that something threatening/malevolent was coming and she had to put her wide oceanic family on standby !


She’d picked up an  acrid burning sensation in her gills that sent an unease through her whole body from her blow hole to the very tip of her tail , it stalled her motion her tail flipper became still .


She silenced herself like a submarine that had shut down engines and put the whole crew on silence !


She felt through her enormous body a violence a shuddering far far away as if there was a ripping apart of the earths crust as she waited she could read the messages coming from the others in her family scattered around the globe of noxious substances and things appearing in and off the ocean floor ,something deep was emerging and it had to crack its way open and it didn’t care what damage it would do to all the life forms on this planet it was happening !

If this was a human governmental experience the world will have declared a red alert .however this was happening deep down here in the deepest parts of the ocean a form of something that even these mammals with a millennia of memory could not make any sense off.

The old matriarch regained her movement and she picked up through the vibrations of her family there was to be a meeting place where all would gather to put all there energies towards a common plan of survival it would take many days and hours to reach there common destination yet they all resumed a urgent push of there bodies and tails and moved synchronistally to this meeting !

There energy was so aligned in the movement the space station picked up the sonic waves and ripples in the ocean so many were together zooming towards a centre point the outlines of these herds of whales made long white trails on the oceans surface the pictures coming back to earth led some human analysts to question these movements yet most looked in awe and scratched there heads in wonder !

Yes humans wonder cause there’s something going on right below there feet as of yet they can’t feel it or indeed have any interest in it ,yet it’s happening and it’s happening right now ! right below your feet !

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