Dear Harvey (guest post by John Hyslop)

This morning one of my creative writing students from the Moray Feelgood festival sent me this, as his morning ‘free-write’. I asked my teenage daughter to read it aloud to me while I did dishes and laundry. She researched the topic online as she read, stopping to look up words like ‘redemption’. She found the #metoo and looked for sites offering redemption to perpetrators of abuse.
“We need a ‘Dear Harvey’ movement all over the planet” she said. “We need an amnesty and a way forward.”
I love my daughter. Indeed,let us begin with love. Here’s a letter to Harvey Weinstein from John Hyslop. John Hyslop is the heart of all Earthlings…..
John Hyslop is a big blue whale
Dear Harvey,
I wish you the depth of healing that your psyche has called you to.
You might think WTF, and quite rightly so. I feel you squirming like a trapped rat. Death and suicide are easy options. There’s no way out. Your expensive top end lawyers will be adding a new till roll to their calculators many times a week as they TRY to do damage limitation.
Please know that I understand the place you are in personally and I honestly say that I love you; the soul of you, that wants to unburden.
I ask you to choose life everyday, no, every second of each day, until you are on your knees brought to the very edge of sanity. So that the gunk in your system is purged and purged again, until your inside world is clean.
I will and can, if you choose, stand with you as you unravel.
Please start reading and watching anything you can get your hands on regarding redemption as this is firmly where you’re at !
Here in this hell of yours, there is an opportunity.
You finding your soul centre will let you look at a career way beyond what you’ve been. You may even yet be an advocate for the end of human trafficking !
Why not secretly open a trust while you still have some money with maybe Ashton Kutcher as a Trustee, this money protected and only for this purpose, not yours.
There’s no way we can save you from this call of your soul. I, as a man, wish to thank you for the Karma that you have helped to awaken on this planet. Nobody else has yet been outed in such a spectacular fashion.
Thank You!
I mean that sincerely as you have done an amazing job in your movie business and now you are firmly on your own ‘Stage of Life’.
It’s happening all the time all over the world.
Please know that all your biological children have your genes in them. Please stay alive to show them your true worth. You have the ability to do your time for the actions and face honourably your wrong doing. You have the business acumen to turn this to serve others.
Thor’s hammer has fallen on your identity. It has cracked open those pieces to be brought to the light. You will be humbled to begin your next chapter.
If you want to meet me you will find me,
blessings of deep Grace to you Dear Harvey.
John Hyslop

ps. and one last thing, this is no quick fix in some expensive facility, this is for the rest of your life.Your broken parts will never reform the old you.

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