Natural Story Telling

Rooting yourself to Earth for the tale to emerge from deep within. Finding a conduit for your voice, a narrator for your legends. So that you can echo the ancestors’ wisdoms. I invite and show you how to begin to write from the still place of only love you have inside of you. I teach you how to reach inside for the geography of where love began, for you. Go to the place, town or river which can stir a longing in you. Bathe and glorify in that feeling of place then allow the free-flow of all that can be access to the blank page. Let your words be written as a river from your gut to the world. Write your vulnerability but do not display it raw, I can show you a few tricks to shape your tale, I can show you the art of crafting your voice. Playing with words, to word a scene, to show a moment, to shine a light, into, onto, around a piece of time in a place somewhere. Naturally.
Friday and Saturday – see you there!

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