Amazing students…

Amanda Gilmour, you legend. Not content with a place on a creative writing degree course, she is now submitting stories and poems across the country. Watch out world…
Amanda’s story on Scottish Book Trust’s website

Another student is organising a 5 day writing retreat in the hills of Nairn, for mid-summer, all welcome. More details soonish.

The next few weeks we will be concentrating on writing in different narrative voices. The God Voice is the one where the narrator knows everything about everyone. The first person narrator is when the text is written like “I said” or “I did this thing”. We are going to practise and practice this, with games and prompts. The Bike Shed on Sundays at 11 am in Merkinch, Inverness and The Old Mill, Brodie by Nairn on Friday evenings..
Get in touch using this form if you are interested in joining a workshop..

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