May ’18 Workshops, events and opportunities (and a postponement)

Damn, feck, bugger and blast. The Skye Writing may not happen as the accommodations just aren’t ready yet. We will endeavour to bring this to you as soon as possible, please stay tuned!
The Merkinch branch of Your Inner Writer meet on Sundays in The Bike Shed at 11 am. This is a small supportive group doing truly amazeballs work. At the moment they are preparing pieces for the ‘Giving It Verbal’ event in association with Scottish Mental Health Art and Film Festival. They will be reading and preforming their work on 12th May, in The Bike Shed.
Both groups are learning narrative voice, in particular the God Voice of omniscient narrator. You don’t need a degree, just an interest in creative writing and paper and pens. Everyone is welcome.
In preparation for the Giving It Verbal event, and because I promised everyone months ago, on Friday 11th May we will meet at NOON in The Old Mill, Brodie to go over timings, read-throughs, voice, fears and such AND ALSO there will be a special branding and blogging workshop for authors and poets who want to take charge of their own publishing and promotion.
There will also be a special Your Inner Writer workshop on Sunday 13th in Merkinch, to write about Beginnings, as part of the SMHAF. Everyone is welcome.

Scottish Book Trust are still looking for your true life REBEL stories, and we have been reading our stories in class, and working on them.

Keep an eye on the Council House Publishing Facebook page for more details of competitions and literary submissions.

Please feel free to contact me on or use the contact form below. If you would like to join a class, please can you send me a sample of your work, so that I can plan the lesson accordingly?

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