When did I feel safe last?

Can anyone help me? There is zero protection from Police or Council. Is this corruption or a cover up? Is it because I am Irish? This list of events is a work in progress- I am still compiling it.

The only way to end abuse is to talk about it. Do not keep it secret. I am being abused on a daily basis by my neighbours. I am sick, physically and mentally and I can get no help or support from anywhere.

26 January 2021  Doorbell painted with brown fence paint – the same brown paint which Mrs Pearson has at her front door.

Sunday 27th February 2021 dog shit car. Several buckets of dog much and mud were thrown over my car. Incident number 

No outcome from Police

16 March ‘ Beware of the dog’ painted on my fence, plus an effigy of a hanging dog. Jo the Ho Informed, no action taken

24 March 2021. First ‘mediation’ with Jo the HO and PC Lawson.  I state I am familiar with various types of abuse patterns and this type of petty bullying for control never gets better, only ever escalates. I ask how long it has been going on for and what measures the HO have used. Jo the HO becomes extremely defensive. Encouraged to install CCTV and monitor.

The situation escalates.

Mr Jeffrey begins filming us. Mrs Jeffrey trains her dog to attack Sox, Lisa and me. Mr Jeffrey tells me he has seen photos of my bare cunt.

I have invasive dreams and thoughts that Sharon Berry and Mr Jeffrey break in and attack Sarah.

March 2021 diagnosed with anxiety, complaex trauma, triggered by daily stalking, bullying and feeling unsafe due to Mrs Pearson and Mr Jeffrey. I inform Jo the Ho, response that this is of no concern to Housing. By email.

I become too anxious to go out. Sarah studies and ignores.

3 April 2021

Mr Jeffrey, Diane Dalton and Margeret Gallacher on Facebook discuss how dangerous I am. Mr Jeffrey alludes to Sharon Berry. I install CCTV.

Mr Jeffrey spends more and more time showing interest in me. Every time he peers over, my gut empties.

12 April. I ask Jo the HO to ask Diane to leave the cameras alone as she had been trying to vandalise them. Diane also rips my hosepipe out of the kitchen window if I try to water the garden.

16 April. Diane makes a noise complaint to the Police – about me! I document with Clacks that this is daily harrassment and intimidation. Jo the HO dismisses me and refuses to engage.

18 April 2021Diane and Lizzie encourage Lizzie’s dog to attack my dog Lisa.  I ask to know why Diane is permitted to abuse her neighbours and describe the situation as a course of antisocial conduct, which Jo the Ho dismisses. All by email.

20th April 2021

Dog fouling. Diane refuses to either control her dog or clean up after her. By email to Jo the HO. Again, I am dismissed

23 April 2021 Diane’s dog repeatedly takes a dump on my driveway and Diane refuses to pick it up.

Sarah and I make Police statements regarding the daily bullying. We produce CCTV evidence. Police do nothing.

Jo the Ho refuses to discuss a fence on our driveway to keep Diane out.

26 April Plastic spikes nailed to the garden fence – to hurt our cat. Jo the Ho manages to get Diane to remove them – then Lizzie attaches them to the other fence.

26 April 2021 I want to place my caravan on the driveway, so that I have an office to see clients in. Jo the Ho refuses. I later learn Diane had wanted the driveway for her caravan 21 years ago. This was devestating for me because I needed to work. I had just gained my Master’s and had many commissions, submissions and opportunities.  All these work opportunities dried up as I became sicker and my mental health deteriorated.

April, May and June Mrs Jeffrey’s dog barks in Mrs Pearson’s garden. For Four hours, Monday through Thursday. Mrs Jeffrey yells at her dog, shouting shut up all afternoon. Mrs Jeffrey encourages her dog to bark if they hear us or see us. The dog learns to stalk. Sarah cannot study due to constant interruption. Mrs Pearson and Mrs Jeffrey make a habit of encouraging their dogs to bark while they shout at them. CCTV footage +++ because Sarah was angry with them. The dogs barked while she was in class.

6th May 2021 @22.07

Mrs Pearson has asked Officers to visit because she is scared of me- as I played sectarian songs and she suspects I am a terrorist, and that her husband was in Belfast therefore needs protected from me.

*sectarian songs  = Christy Moore, The Commitments soundtrack.

Mrs Pearson demands to give a statement regarding how I play with my dog- that it is too loud and she has confiscated my dog’s stick. Despite Officers asking to be allowed to attend a riot in the Nebit, Mrs Pearson demands the chance to complain about the grey blanket on my clothes line which obstructs her view of me in my garden.

Hanging washing, Mrs Pearson calls me a ‘half breed bitch’. Every day she insults my ethnic origin.

14th May 2021 my immune system collapses.

21 May dog shit thrown on patio.

23 May 2021 Memory stick handed to Alloa.

25 May Jo the Ho states there is no unacceptable behaviour from Diane, Lizzie et al. By email.

26 May. Lizzie’s dog attacks me. Alan Knight of SSPCA states this constant aggressive dog nuisance is a Council matter. Jo the HO dismisses this and does nothing.

26 May I ask Jo the HO what Clacks’ racial abuse policy is. 

I begin to realise this is a well protected abuser, who is allowed to do as much harm as she pleases while the Police and Council do nothing.

27 June 2021 Sarah and I arrive back from Edinburgh. As we open our door, Mrs Jeffrey yells abuse. Mr Jeffrey photographs Sarah and posts images of her on his Facebook. We report this at Alloa.

4th July 2021. Am practising Qigong. Stretching my Achilles. Sarah shouts from other room ‘Isla is out’. Isla has kennel cough and shouldn’t be in public places. Mrs Pearson looks up at Sarah’s bedroom. Sarah comes into my room, turns on my phone camera. Mrs Pearson yells abuse. Mr Jeffrey begins filming us in my bedroom. Documented on phone camera.

Mr Jeffrey spends the entire day walking up and down around our home with his dog, his phone held alof as if filming. He acknowledges where we are in our home and that we must be scared.

I try to close the front door. He tries to prevent me. I activate the doorbell. ‘That won’t help you’ he said. He seems high on cocaine. I close the gate, the door, lock up and try to ignore as he wanders around outside.

On driveway cam hiding in car as Sarah goes to the bin. He is filming her.

Mr Jeffrey follows me around filming me telling me I am evil, need to be stopped that he’s writing a letter, that I will get a letter from his lawyer, that I am sad and pathetic. They start the phrase ‘the only good Irish woman is a dead Irish woman.’

Sarah makes a statement to Officers.

13 October 2021 I am signed off sick again with anxiety and post traumatic stress. Hamish my mental health nurse and Dr Russell agree this is due to the constant name calling, abuse, vandalism by Diane and the Jeffreys.

Jo the Ho states my health is none of her concern – by email

Jo the HO informs me I can apply for homeless accomodation- this means I would go into a bed and breakfast, my cat and dog into foster care until a house becomes available.

19 October Jo the Ho threatens me with antisocial behaviour because flowers were found by Mrs Jeffrey on Diane’s garden.

22 October Jo the Ho states I have sent her too many emails and she will not respond further.

Jo the Ho then begins a campaign against me, trying her best to find fault with me.

Who is protecting the Pearsons and why?

6th December 2021. Jo the Ho tells me I am a liar, mentally ill, immature, that there’s no abuse, maybe a personality clash. I suggest sound proofing, perhaps power washing the driveway, creating fixed boundaries, having a round table regarding respect. Jo the Ho dismisses every video of vandalism to plants or animals. States I am over reacting. States there is no history of anti social behaviour from Diane.

I literally lose my mind, have a nervous breakdown, become unable to function and attempt suicide. Dr Watson informed. Mental health services ask Police Scotland to liaise. 

Mr and Mrs Pearson shine bright lights into the cameras at night. The CCTV stops working. I cannot fix it.

26 – 29 December 2021 Mrs Pearson yells abuse daily, threatens to have her son sort me out. 29 dec in back garden says my daughter hasn’t come home because I am evil, a bad mother, should be in prison. Not evidenced.

January 2022 I join an online prayer group. We meet at 10 am every   day to chant for world peace. Mrs Pearson bangs on her ceing if she hears me. I move my chanting to my study. Mrs Pearson stands under my study window at 10 am every day and shouts abuse. If I am in my garden she mimics the chanting and laughs, plays Johnny Cash I walk the line on repeat. Buddhists from Bali, Valencia, Berlin and Stirling can hear her. I inform the Council. 

Mrs Pearson invites Mrs Jeffrey to listen to us chanting.

Mrs Pearson invites Mr Jeffrey to listen to us chanting. Mr Jeffrey waits by my front door, leaning around to listen.

17 March 2022. My birthday. Mr Jeffrey waiting for me as I come home, tries to engage me. ‘Why the fuck are you creeping around me? The last creep I met like you wanted to watch me fuck his wife, is that what you want? Get to fuck’ I said.

28th March 2022

DianePearson filming my driveway and garden complaining about cctv

Diane and Bill examining my garden fence and complaining

29 March Diane brings Mrs. Jeffrey to complain about birds in my garden. They watch my garden all day “keep a watchful eye on that’Diane tells Lizzie. Loudly states she will ‘need to get something done.’ On driveway cam tipping fag ash and fag butts in my garden, discussing crows in my garden and the legal letter they will write.

This continues all day, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Jeffrey complaining loudly about my garden, me.

30March 13.13 Mrs Pearson invites Mrs Jeffrey to inspect my garden, they discuss what I might be doing. 

31 March stares into driveway cam, smoking and muttering for several moments 07.50 inspecting my garden

01 April 15.10 Mrs Jeffrey and Mrs Pearson inspect my garden while I am out,kicking stones and dirt into the drains, my driveway and my garden.

01 April 20.59 Mrs Pearson inspecting my garden, encouraging Mr Pearson to .  Mrs Pearson again gets angry at the sound of Buddhist chanting, escalates the yelling of abuse whilst I am praying. Tells Officers I aggravate her and her neighbours on purpose, by praying.

02 April. Shouting abuse about Buddhism under my window.

HO informed re latest abuse – no action taken. By email.

05 April 12.38 Mrs Pearson Threatens to slap my face on driveway cam – because I was chanting. (I was in my study, chanting, Mrs Pearson stood below the open window mocking me. Housing Officer informed.)

18.30 Mrs Pearson inspects my garden with her daughter Mags.

7April 14.40 Mrs Pearson sweeps the dirt from her step under my car, sweeps tha stones from the path under my car, sweeps her fag butts and dog dirt onto my driveway. I ask her to stop, she tries to hit me with her broom – on driveway cam

7 April 16.57Mr and Mrs Jeffrey on my driveway, leaning on my car, their dog urinates on my driveway. They stand there inspecting my garden, discussing me and what they will do next. 

17.00 I begin chanting, in my house. Mrs Pearson hears me and encourages Mr Jeffrey to come to my front door to listen properly. On CCTV

I report all the above to Police Scotland.

9 April 09.40 cops arrive, refuse to watch any cctv and on driveway cam tell me to stop wasting Police time. Incident number PS 20220407-2466. Officers stated they watched cctv no criminality detected. Officers stated, to me, in my home that I antagonise my neighbours by praying and that the Police are going to get an ASBO against me which will follow me everywhere I go.

11 April Mrs Pearson’s son Stuart Gallacher arrives and is encouraged by his mum to threaten me in any way he can. Driveway cam 15.23.

14 April 2022 23.16 Mrs Pearson attempts to disrupt my cctv with a torch.

15 April Mrs Pearson’s older dog Sheba wanders into my garden, Mrs Pearson yells and hits the old dog. Doorbell cam

16 April. Mr Jeffrey arrives in Mrs Pearson’s garden with his dog. His dog immediately attacks the old dog Sheba. Mr Jeffrey motions to hit his dog then realises my phone is already recording his dog’s barking. Mr Jeffrey films my study window for 10 minutes, from Mrs Pearson’s garden. From 18.04 Mr Jeffrey stares at my study window and discusses me, with Mr and Mrs. Pearson’s encouragement. 18.30 Mr Jeffrey departs, waving into my driveway camera as he passes.

17 April 13.42 Mrs Jeffrey arrives in Mrs Pearson’s garden with her dog, her dog immediately attacks the old dog Sheba and sets to bark incessantly while Mrs Pearson documents my movements in my house. Mrs Jeffrey’s dog continues to bark at the old dog’s face. It is a hot day, there is no fresh water for them.

14.04 Mrs. Jeffrey’s dog is still barking at the old dog.

22 April 18.50. In my kitchen cooking dinner. Mr Jeffrey in Mrs Pearson’s garden watching me move from room to room, whilst in company of Mrs Pearson, her daughter and grand daughter.

1st May 2022 13.00 Stuart Gallacher yelling threats at me as I arrive home, he stands on Mr Jeffrey’s driveway threatening to harm me while Mr Jeffrey laughs and films my bedroom window. Mrs Pearson encourages this. 

1st July 2022 23.15 Mrs Pearson hits driveway cam, then turns it to face the other way.

Every evening, he parks his car then checks around for me. Various images on driveway cam.

14 July 19.33 Mr Jeffrey peering into my house calling ‘saddo’ up the stairs.

21st July 2022 06.30 Mr Jeffrey checks my bedroom window as an instinct when opening his front door. I was sitting on a chair by the window, sweating with heatn menopause.

18.20 Mr Jeffrey arrives home. On stepping out of his car he looks over the fence, into my driveway and garden

19.20 Mr Jeffrey films my front door from his driveway. I open my landing window, he films me opening the window, removing dead flowers. I see him. I move into my bedroom, turn on my phone camera. Mr Jeffrey walks the length of his driveway, then films me in my bedroom. ‘Collecting evidence for the council.’ He says. On camera phone.

22nd July 2022 06.30. Mr Jeffrey films my bedroom window whilst in his car.

Sunday 24th July 2022 11.30

Am Asleep. Security alert shows Mr Jeffrey on driveway and doorbell, examining my front door.

Mr and Mrs Pearson arrive home. Mrs Pearson immediately begins sweeping up any dirt she can find, to fling on the areas I have scrubbed clean. Mrs Pearson sweep gravel etc back into the drains, blocking the free flow of water. This makes her angry. I try to tell her to remove the debris. This makes her angrier. I try tell her I lifted a thousand fag butts. She is now enraged. She picks up a bag  of dog shit and flings it at me, it misses. She picks up a bucket and flings that at me, it misses. The HO arrives. Mrs Pearson yells insults and lies about me. The HO does not react or support me in any way. It is clear Jo the HO wants to find a reason to evict me. Mrs Pearson can see this.

3rd August. I have compiled a document to gather all the incidents of Mr Jeffrey and Mrs Pearson. I print it. It is disturbing. I email it to Jill Chalmers my criminal justice social worker. I log with Police Scotland and make an appointment for Monday Incident number 21583/7/2022

Mrs Pearson continues to sweep any dirt she can find to fling on the areas I have scrubbed clean. I clean up again. The water floods because it cannot reach the drain. Mrs Pearson shovels water, uphill, at my front door, flings water into my home – for an hour. She calls me a bastard, an evil bastard, an arse.

After 48 hours of non stop bullying, my immune system begins to crash. Mrs Pearson follows me about, if I go outside. She films me with her phone. 

Sunday 7th August 11 am Stuart Gallacher at my front door yelling threats and insults about me. Mrs Pearson tells him that I have thrown all this dirt and shit on her path. He calls me a manky bastard, she tells him to shush, he says he wont be shushed any more 

Noon Mr Jeffrey is in his car at the bottom of my driveway, appears to be filming the books and searching my driveway for something. He stays for 2 minutes then drives away.

12.45 Mrs Pearson on the street below my living room, staring up.

13.14 Mrs Pearson’s visitors arrive, they stand on the street watching my front windows. In the back garden, the son is in Mrs Pearson’s garden. He shouts out he has found bags of shite. Mrs Pearson tells all the visitors that I have flung bags of shite in her garden. 

Heather  Dalton stares up malevolently at my kitchen window. Mr Jeffrey and Stuart Gallacher seem agitated. I remove myself from the back rooms, keep the furries in, lock the doors, alarm the cctv.

14.00 Mr Jeffrey visits Mrs Pearson et al. he watches my windows, with Stuart Gallacher. I switch on my phone camera and pin a scarf up at the kitchen window so that I can make a coffee.

Mr Jeffrey films this while Stuart Gallacher watches my windows. I didn’t manage to video this.

Mr Jeffrey waves happily into my driveway cam as he leaves. He seems high.

Mrs. Pearson shovels water and dirt then flings it at my front door and into my house, then garden. On camera phone. She cannot comprehend that the water cannot get to the drain because she piled stones etc in there.

Monday 8th August 2022 11 am Mrs Pearson lifts her door mat, sweeps up flings shovels of dirt in my garden several times. Tips ash and dirt on the path, shovels stones into the drains.

She lifts my bucket and flings it from under her window, breaking several items.

13.01 she calls me a bastard at my front door and begins yelling, calling me a fucking idiot and an arse. Video sent to Housing, MJS, Jill Chalmers.

I sleep all day. Fever, shaking, sweating, freezing, sore throat, mouth ulcers, cold sore.

18.00 wake to the sound of Millie barking. Get up, boil kettle for tea, Mrs Pearson stares up at me. I hang a scarf and turn on camera phone. 

Phone camera shows Mrs Pearson sitting staring at my windows muttering – for 30 minutes non stop. Mr Pearson is with her, watching her watching my kitchen window, then peering into my garden, then staring at me as I take in laundry. Several times she appears to be miming the action of strangling me. I missed my appointment with Police Scotland.

19.00 Mr and Mrs Pearson have returned inside, I water the plants, clean the path. For an hour, Mrs Pearson films me, calls me a tramp, knocks over the driveway cam, tries to stand under the hose any chance she can, attempts to steal my phone, attempts to hit me then calls Bill to say I hit her and she’ll get me locked up yet. Watering the garden takes so long because she is under my feet yelling at me. I dodge several blows. She dares me to hit her. Tells me the cops will never believe me, that there’s no point telling the police.  She states she will never get lifted, only me. She punches out, lunges, attempts to pull the tap out of the wall. On CCTV in folder thun doon the stair. She states she has complained to the Council and the Police about the clean path and I will be made move, not her. She then shouts for Bill to witness her being attacked.

Mrs Pearson gets very drunk, tells me only her son will ever live happily in that flat.

Tuesday 9 August

?06.00 Am at bedroom window – menopause sweats – Mr Pearson exits house in shirt and tie breathing heavily. He walks to his car, turns his head to my bedroom window, watches until he sees me, looks away. Ewwwww.

Wednesday. I am sick. I ask Jill Chalmers and CAB Alloa to help me move. My body needs to feel safe.

Thursday Millie barking early, joined by Isla. Both try to a.ttack Lisa through the fence as I hang washing. On phone camera. Mrs. Pearson actually sweeps up her ash, butts, dirt, shit and bins same appropriately.

Friday 12th August. Update Police Scotland. Reschedule apt for Monday after 4.

12.20, council workmen lifted the rubbish off the driveway. There was a trail of dirt after them. I washed away the dirt. All water drains well, until the point where Mrs Pearson built a wee dam. She comes out to stand in front of me as I try to clean up, calling me an evil bastard. Bill comes out calls me a typical northern Irish bitch and he will sort me out. I tell him to come on over and show me how he sorted out the Irish bitches in Belfast. I said this very loudly. Everyone up and down the street heard me. Bill ran inside, banged the door. I yelled after him ‘what was that you called me Bill? A typical northern Irish bitch and you know how to sort me out? Come on so’. Mrs Pearson opened her door, yelled out ‘no, you must have misheard’ and banged the door shut again.

1pm Mrs Pearson shovels water from her wee dam, flings it up into my doorway, for about 10 minutes. Mrs Pearson spends the entire day and evening encouraging Millie to bark, so that she can shout at her. I pour a glass of wine, turn on Gaelic radio and fall asleep.

7pm. I wake up. She hears me boil the kettle and looks up, watches, stares. I hang the scarf, she yells something.

23.04 I close the kitchen window and see a shadow over to my right near the bottom of my garden. I pretend I don’t see and go to my bedroom. I turn on the phone video and wait. Moments later, Mr Jeffrey creeps into view, but hiding behind his car. He looks up at my bedroom window. He cannot see me so he tries various angles. He goes over to the tree, looks up, wanders into the street, still looking up. Kids on the street by the alley see him. I direct my phone camera at him and catch him. The kids watch him saying ‘look someone just got caught on camera doing something they shouldn’t oh look, he’s waving’. He realises there are independent witnesses walking towards him so he runs inside. I didn’t see or hear the dog. I try to sleep but can’t help thinking he might go after one of those kids, so I email the cops. Incident number2068 of 13 August 2022. Appointment 8 am Sunday.

Lisa wakes me barking twice in the night. I do nothing.

Sat 13 August I begin packing and dreaming up a secure 2 bed house with front and back doors, private gardens, no known bullies. Big garden, big kitchen, fabulous hunting grounds for Soxy. Wiggle spaces for Lisa. I need to heal. My hands are shaking, heart racing. 

Sunday 14 august 11.40 Cops tell me I have too many videos of Creepy. Not being believed, feeling unsafe, coldsores and mouth ulcers develop. My bowels become loose.

Ross the plumber arrives following a complaint about the way I shower. I ask the Council if I need to ask Diane’s permission to wash.

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