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My Earth-self repair Kit

My earth-self repair kit began with my tiny croft filled with birds singing. Continue reading

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I Embrace My Crone-Grace by Orla Broderick

premise/treatment/vision #traumainformedlawyers The Buddhahood of Southcroft Tenency began November 2020 – present. Currently on trial for frightening my neighbours and facing eviction. It is my Lived Experience that women MUST commit crimes in order to protect ourselves. Police Scotland fails … Continue reading

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‘The Woke are connecting.’ Said Doyle. Happy stance red head leaning. Outside Billie’s, waiting on coleslaw. ‘Woke.’ We agreed, last Thursday, having just encountered each other for the first time in this incarnation. Doyle’s eyes are the blue twinkle of … Continue reading

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When did I feel safe last?

Can anyone help me? There is zero protection from Police or Council. Is this corruption or a cover up? Is it because I am Irish? This list of events is a work in progress- I am still compiling it. The … Continue reading

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Women are not safe in Scotland 2022

’Twas Peace we reaped, Lammas last. ‘The silence of the dogs.’ You declared, down the bottom of the garden under the Ochil hills. One dragon’s eye glinting in the Craig – high in the blue sky. Peregrine falcons have lived … Continue reading

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Open Court narrated by Orla Broderick

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