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‘The Woke are connecting.’ Said Doyle. Happy stance red head leaning. Outside Billie’s, waiting on coleslaw. ‘Woke.’ We agreed, last Thursday, having just encountered each other for the first time in this incarnation. Doyle’s eyes are the blue twinkle of … Continue reading


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The Burnett Law

Here,  on the other side of the fence where truth and kindness are our daily actions, where the war for love blasts our lives relentlessly, Scotland’s housing crisis is robbing me of my previously patient and forgiving stores. Up here … Continue reading

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What is Social Media? What is #NoDAPL ?

What is Social Media? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Google hangouts, LinkedIn, You Tube, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Goodreads, Vine etcetera etcetera. It’s a generic term for the staging areas where we gather to share music, news, gossip and madnesses. … Continue reading

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A Notice To Quit is a legal document. It gives the tenant two months to vacate the rented property. When a tenant has a rental agreement called a Short Assured Tenancy then each and every court in the land must … Continue reading

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Orla and Sarah are being evicted, again

The landlord has served me with a Notice to Quit. Landlord is the wrong word, for a start. The term implies he is the Lord of the land. Housing Provider seems softer, more gender neutral, less powerful. There’s no immediate … Continue reading

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