Find Your Inner Writer, Winter 2017/18

I teach a being still inside yourself imaginative meditation followed by a total free-writing experience which encourages spelling mistakes, for pure play and enjoyment of the experience.
There are ways to shut off your brain, breathe into your heart and then write. Once in every few pages, something wonderful drops on the page to make your heart twitch. We call that the good stuff.
I teach a way to find the good, raw, sweet stuff and expand on the feels. Some folk learn to channel. By simply listening to nothing but your own voice (and mine, until you learn to master it for yourself).

I personally can manage four to ten pages of utter shite before I can scrape a half decent sentence together. It has taken me ten years to get this far.
When I lived on Skye, I had a rock in the middle of the river, beside St. Columba’s island, where I could lie all morning and just be the river or the air or the wind underneath a heron. In the few hours my daughter was at school, I lay on a rock and dreamed up and wrote a book.
I now teach everything I learned from everyone I ever met.
If you are interested in attending an introductory class and workshop in December 2017 in Transition Town, Forres on Thursday mornings, please use the contact form. ….

We know that creativity reduces stress and empowers us. We know that making something makes us feel positive.
This creative writing course is based on mindfulness and meditation. It is a taught process of relaxing the brain, breathing slowly into each hemisphere of the brain with a visualisation, in order to focus and balance the left brain and the right brain.
Rumour and conjecture suggest this technique originated in the Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin in the 1960’s. I have heard tales of the Irish Catholic poets developing their skills in this very exercise in order to best channel the flow of soul-writing.
This is a class for those who want a new starting point for their writing but those who already know the stillness of listening to their hearts love it, it seems.

Students are guided through a visualisation and then allowed to write freely for twenty minutes. It’s like mindfulness. They write anything that comes through their minds, pens must not leave the paper. In this exercise they will discover thoughts and ideas they were not previously aware of. With regular practice they find their own unique writer’s voice and stories they did not know they had.