I have the most beautiful resources for this one. I bought gorgeous books of photographs with ancient Native American women, their faces husked and hewn by life, their snippets of tragedy told with grace, their healing ways clear and honest…
Reclaiming Our Grandmothers’ Stories
This is a twelve week creative writing course, facilitated with three hour worksops each week, either face to face or online. There is accomodation available on request.
To begin, you will learn how to switch off your daily stress and free-write, using my unique ‘brain – balance’ technique.
Next, with the finest resources I could gather, you will immerse yourselves in the faces, legends, hurts and healing ways of the old Native American Grandmothers.
Then you will learn how to create a Grandmother character, how to paint her with words, find and develop her voice. There will be interactive games, role play, old photographs and stories of the First Peoples to fire your imagination.
You then transplant your Grandmother in a location of your choice, listening for the ways in which she relates to environment. Our lost legends of Scottish women may be revealed. New stories may be created.
Grandmother’s story will emerge as you travel with her. You may bring your own tales of dark times and magic, for transformation into legendary healing.
In this way we reclaim the past and offer it up for resolution.
The intention is that whatever is gained from the lessons learned, will be dedicated to the growth of all beings. Reclaim the history of harm and survival in order to bring medicine forth from the poison.
You will also have a unique, magical tale ready for publication.

The cost for this course is £250, with taught classes and online support.
Accomodation is £25 per night per person
The location is the beautiful village of Findhorn on the Moray coast.
Start date Wednesday 1st May 2019 at 11 am. Early bird booking price is £200, to be paid by 18th April.
My name is Orla Broderick. I am just entering 3rd year of a BA in English Literature with a view to teaching adults professionally. I am an award winning author in my own right and a talented and dedicated teacher.
You do not need any experience in creative writing. Just bring paper and pens and a willingness to be transported to the furthest recesses of your heart and soul in order to decorate page after page with glorious story.

Please use the Contact Form just below the poster….

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