NOWSE Forres

NOWSE is the toolbox you need to be visible on line. It’s the skill required to build websites, maintain your website, tweet with ease, use adwords, blog regularly and, ultimately build either an audience or a client base. You learn to do this yourself so that you can maintain your visibility year on year, as you build your networks, for very little money. The quicker you master NOWSE, the sooner you can potentially begin building your audience.
I teach Nowse to artists, poets and authors.
There’s a switch in your head tells you no no no, not Twitter, not a blog, no no no, not me, that world is not for me. There’s a little voice says self promotion is worse than vanity publishing, and vanity publishing is an evil. There’s a learned notion that you should not tell anyone you write poetry, that it’s a little secret you must keep until the great and the good of the publishing world find you in some obscure garrett, dying and decide to celebrate your life’s work with wads of cash and plenty of cake. There’s this theory that artists must struggle alone in poverty, never revealing the beauty of their souls to anyone but their very nearest and dearest.
It’s all nonsense. It doesn’t happen that way. You get NOWSE, you do it yourself. You build a network of like minded folk you could call friends and sometimes, they respond favourably.
Class starts at 11am on Friday 16th March at Newbold House, 111, St. Leonard’s Road, Forres. The cost is £35 per class per person. You need your smart phone or tablet or laptop.