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Snot and Butterflies

There I was, so totally delighted with myself and my success that I made the brave decision to reduce my Prozac. By reduce, I mean, of course, stop. I had stood up for myself and set up my courses on … Continue reading

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The New Chair by Orla Broderick

The New Chair by Orla Broderick Sand creeps over to Kate where she sits. She sweeps it away with the back of her hand, but it just keeps coming. Anne can see her tense every time one of the children … Continue reading

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Debbie Ruppenthal’s review of The January Flower

Orla has found her voice here: an expos√© – the journey of a soul, woven with mysticism, nature, and a love of life, and life with a capital ‘L’.¬† In spite of Mary’s privations, this is a story to run, … Continue reading

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